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Location Collective is London's leading provider of space for film and TV production use.

The build of OMA X Film Studios in action


Our studio division was founded in 2019, with our first owned studio (OMA One Film Studios) opening in the summer of 2020 and our second (OMA X Film Studios) opening in the summer of 2021. Location Collective now owns and operates over 368,000 sqft of sound stage and production support space across the OMA Studio Group.

As with our agency, our studio division specialises in uncovering and converting sites never originally intended for film production use. Both OMA One and OMA X were built as light industrial distribution depots. Location Collective secured long-term leases on each site and carried out extensive refurbishment works; re-engineering the sites to ensure maximum possible weight-loading, subdividing the spaces to create individual sound stages and ancillary space, installing soundproofing, distributing power, adding grids and gantries, and providing all infrastructure needed to create high specification film studios.

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Location Collective regularly scopes out the feasibility of new sites for film studio and ancillary space use, either on a consultancy basis or as new projects to be pursued in-house.

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Under our agency model, established in 2007, we work with owners of all kinds of property never originally intended for film and TV use; from lived-in homes, to operational and institutional buildings, to vacant offices and industrial development sites. We market each site for all types of filming and provide a full account management service throughout the hire process. Our aim is to provide an unrivalled level of service to our property owning clients, ensuring we keep the doors of London’s buildings open to filming for as long as possible.

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